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Meet The Family

Zator's Wood Working was founded in 2005 by Ed Zator, and has been family-owned and operated ever since!


As a family team, we create works of art in collaboration with mother nature's beauty that you can pass down from generation to generation. All of our pieces are hand-made from locally sourced wood at our humble workshop in Aldergrove, BC.


Specializing in all things live-edge tables, bars, mantels and counters, as well as creating our own mid-century modern and rustic modern furniture designs and home goods that will bring that always welcomed touch of nature to your home and living spaces.

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Ed is the owner of Zator's Woodworking. With his 40+ years of industry experience he has his hands & input on nearly every product that leaves the shop. 

Owner, Designer & Maker


The Family
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Heidi manages customer service, e-commerce & dispatching. She makes sure all our products are packaged & shipped on time. Emailed us? you've likely talked to Heidi!

Customer Service


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Deanna does it all! She loves to spend time in the woodshop creating just as much as she loves the outdoors. She is on track to become a outdoor wilderness guide in 2022.

Designer & Maker


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Victoria is an artist & absolute book nerd! She helps dream up & assists in the production of the products that end up in your home. She's always got a smile on her face :)

Maker & Assistant


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Marketing & Maker


Live Edge western maple bathroom sink counter

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